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Looking for someone interseted to learn Quantum computing

Explore quantum computing in terms of its origin, problem solved by Quantum computers over normal computers. Willing to learn actual coding in quantum computers using any available simulators. Also want...

Background Coding background with laguages like java, ruby, javascript.. Decent problem solving skills using data structures ans algorithm. 3+ years of experience in web development. Not sure, what of my skills best fit for learning quantum computing :P

Looking for someone to learn and practice data science using kaggle using python

I want to learn data science using python. I have done little bit of coding in python(2-3 month) and have good understanding of programming in java, javascipt.(4-5 years).
I have completed [**Machi...

Background python(2-3 month) and have good understanding of programming in java, javascipt.(4-5 years). Decent background in DS and algorithm

Looking to practice advanced algorithms with someone

I want to improve my algorithmic skills specifically programming competitions. We can practice on topcoder, codeforces etc sites. Also sharing some nice problems will help.

Background I have done basic algorithmic problems in places like topcoder, codeforces. I am overall newbie. Language I use is java.

Learning JavaScript from intro level.

I want to learn JavaScript from intro level.

Background Have an intro level at C# and HTML/CSS. Have gone a course about C# and ASP.Net

I am starting learning java from scratch?

Goal: Learn java as fast as i can.
Plan: Online sites, eclipse, notepad, pen, paper and a cup of coffee.
Anyone to join and discuss daily on topics and code?

Background C.S.E Graduate

Computational Biology

Goal: To learn more about solving the problems related to Computational Biology.
Plan: Find Biologists with interesting problems and collaborate with Computer science background.

Background I am a Ph.D. student of Computer Science at Stony Brook University studying Computational Biology. Usually, works in problem-related to devising algorithms for scalable RNA sequence analysis, statistical methods of resampling methods for measuring uncertainty and differential transcript analysis or to put it simple variation detections in two set of data.

Want to learn Swift for iOS?

I have some specific projects I'm working on alongside going through the treehouse track. I've been learning everyday for about 7 weeks now.

I'm going through the track, I eventually want to post a c...

Background Engineering degree, startup experience, eat a lot of Thai food

I need someone to learn ASP.NET with

I need to learn how to build dynamic website with asp.net.
I would also like to implement bootstrap in my work.
I would also like to work on a real project that will help me apply what I have learned.

Background I have a basic knowledge of programming. I know Java, Python, a bit of JavaScript, html and Oracle database but I haven't handled any tangible project before. I want to improve and be good in web development.

Make basic programs with C#

I have been learnig C# about 2 months. I want make some basic programs for develop knowledge.

We can build some game or app like automation.

Background I know C# but not upper level. I have a course about C#. I know CSS and HTML at basic level.

Programming practice on Hackerrank (https://www.hackerrank.com).

I have done 30 Days of Code and Warmup exercise on Algorithms in Hackerrank now I am on Implementation and facing problem in understanding problem and solving problem.Basically, I want to practice toget...

Background I have 2-year experience in PHP, Javascript programming and 6-month experience in python.